In addition to the manufacture of custom products, we also have our own line of hydroponic growing trays and heavy duty stands for them. Our trays are produced from 40% recycled high impact styrene with a rubber modifier. Our most popular sizes are
2’ x 4’, 3’ x 6’ and 4’ x 4’. Heavy duty 1” tube galvanized steel stands are available for these sizes. The stands may be adjusted to any height that you desire enabling easy access to the growing trays without bending or back strain. Many other sizes are available and the bottoms of the trays can be made to your specifications. We are also able to manufacture custom trays of your own design should you wish. These trays are only shipped in wholesale quantities.


We produce heavy gauge planter liners custom molded to six foot lengths. We have produced liners for many of the world’s airports, shopping centers and hotels. Recycled plastic is available to make all of these products and works very well. Sectional molds are available should you need to produce varying lengths of the same planter or liner.


We also custom mold a large variety of storm drain inserts, catch basin systems and filter housings for drainage and storm water filtration applications. We use HDPE and recycled HIS and ABS as well as other special application plastics for these products. Our large heavy gauge GPM thermo former can form up to four foot by eight foot parts.


  • Trays & Totes
  • Equipment Covers
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Concrete Molds
  • Shipping Containers & Trays
  • Filtration Housings


There are many other applications that lend themselves to the thermoforming process. You will find the thermoforming process to be very cost effective compared to other molding or fabricating techniques. We like a challenge so please call or email us with your specific needs.





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