Do you need a custom molded tray or insert for shipping or displaying your product? We specialize in molding shipping, packaging and storage containers which will protect and preserve your expensive and delicate equipment. We mold materials such as PET, PETG, HIS, HDPE, ABS, PC and PLA. Sometimes customers need a conductive or static dissipative material and we have experience working with these types of materials. Perhaps your product might need an FDA or UL flame rating; we have experience with these materials as well. Should your requirements change during a product run it is generally easy to perform such a change. If you require an increase in production quantities, we can accomplish this by adding additional mold cavities to your existing mold. Many times we can meet your high volume production needs by using our automated roll fed machine. Do you want to go green and reuse your shipping containers? We can make containers from recycled plastic that will hold up to repeated shipping cycles and nest for compact and easy return shipping. Each project has its own perfect solution and we love to find it.


  • Custom Plastic Clamshell Packs
  • Custom Inserts
  • Device Case and Insert Packaging
  • Kits
  • Conductive EMI Enclosures
  • Assembly Trays
  • Totes


This list represents a few of the products we have made. We are always interested in finding new and innovative solutions to solve your plastic needs.


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